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Whether you're making new music productions or sound for TV/Radio/Film/Computer Games, you might want to consider hiring an expert to make you new Sound Libraries for your synthesizer or specific custom original sounds. For hardware or software synth/s. Exclusively or Non-Exclusively!

Perhaps you don't have the time to make new Sound Libraries yourself or don't really know how to make new usable sounds. Maybe you're a musician, or keyboard player but not a Synth Programmer and you are clueless when it comes to making new sound libraries on synths?

You've got a Recording Studio to run and you're pushed for time and need instant access to new sounds and sound libraries for your synths for your recording or performance projects and it would be easier for your business to hire - VITA SOUNDS - Our Synth Programmer to either come down to your studio and program synths on the spot or make lots of new custom sound libraries for you at a reasonable price for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates, whatever suits your recording or performing budget for your you or your business. You may also want to impress your clients! VITA SOUNDS (our in house Synth Programmer) is the solution to your needs!!

You can Pre Order New Sound Libraries of Programs for the Korg Kronos or Korg Monologue and patches for the Novation Bass Station II. You can also request custom sound libraries for other hardware and software synthesizer's which already exist or for new synthesizers which are going to be released in the future. Please contact us for further information and a quote.

You can hire VITA SOUNDS (Mark Harrison, UK) to produce new Royalty Free Sound Libraries for your company to use exclusively for 2-3 months in advance of general sale to the public on a 2-3 month exclusive licensing deal or purchase a license to use our sound libraries on a non-exclusive licensing deal.


  • VITA SYNTH LEAD EXI (128 new programs) £(CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE)
  • VITA SYNTH LEAD HD1 (128 new programs) £(CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE)
  • VITA SYNTH SFX EXI (128 new programs) £(CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE)
  • VITA SYNTH SFX HD1 (128 new programs) £(CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE)
  • VITA SYNTH PADS HD1 (128 new programs) £(CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE)

Each Sound Bank for the Korg Kronos takes approximately 1-2 months to create.

Individual Custom Sounds tailored to your needs can be made too. Just ask for a quote.


Pre Order New Sound Libraries for other hardware and software synthesizer's. You can hire VITA SOUNDS in a freelance role making custom new exclusive royalty free sound sets ready for your music or audio projects.

Send us a message by clicking on the Contact Us section in the main menu of the website, and let us know what you want new sounds for and for which synthesizer/s? We'll see if VITA SOUNDS can help you and save you lots of time by making private Sound Libraries for you and give you instant access to new sounds and provide inspiration for your upcoming or ongoing projects and energise your music and audio recordings. 

Delivery Options:

New Sound Libraries/Banks can be delivered to you via email or be delivered by mail/post on a USB Flash Drive. Whatever you prefer!

Contact Us:

Alternatively, call us on our office number. Details can be found in the Contact Us section of the website.

Click here to send us a message.

Contact Us through the website to arrange a Skype Call.

Further information coming soon.